June 20th, 2007 – July 2nd, 2021

In Loving Memorial:

It is with mixed emotions that we announce the passing of our cat Luna, after a brief illness, at the age of 14 years. Luna was adopted at 9 weeks of age from the Regina Humane society. She had been found abandoned alone, outside and placed in care waiting for a furever home. We opened our hearts to her and brought her home.

Luna was no ordinary cat and was a challenge from day one. Her start in life left her with unmeasurable fear which ultimately left her with the meanest disposition a cat could ever have.

Understanding and accepting this challenge, we tolerated her and did our best to allow her the freedom to be comfortable.

Luna enjoyed being outside and could be found out front on her leash at our home on Gelsinger Place. Her favorite pastime was tormenting the flyer delivery guy when he came to the door and stalking the countless teenagers that arrived for many movie nights over the years. She could often be found guarding the doors outside the RCMP detachment in Milestone and sneaking in the office to sleep on the Sergeants desk, who happened to be her favorite person. Her time in Melville was spent pooping in every garden box in the yard and occasionally bringing live birds in through the pet door. She was adventurous, territorial and greeted everyone who ever came to our door with great skepticism.

Luna was an aggressive cat by nature and was unable to be held or cuddled. This made caring for her all the more challenging. She enjoyed treats and spending time with her favorite toy Santa, that she received the first Christmas with us. Every night at bedtime she could be heard talking/howling to him before she settled to sleep. Her presence was big and her uniqueness will be missed. She was one of a kind.

She leaves behind her caretakers, Rhonda and Jeff, fur sister Keah Lily and her brother Puff, the bearded dragon. She was pre-deceased by fur nephew Baker the retriever. She will be missed and always remembered by Kayla, Logan, Sam, James and Gibbs, Kelsey and Matt and extended Nova Scotia family.

We would like to thank the many friends who took on the challenge of caring for her on those occasions we were away. We know she wasn’t easy and I’m sure you have memories that hopefully aren’t too traumatic. Thank you to the Lakewood animal hospital for your kindness and care and especially Michelle. Your support was appreciated.

I am sure when she arrived in Kitty heaven, she realized how truly lucky and loved she was. She will never be forgotten. RIP Lu <3

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  • Kelsey Comeau says:

    Luna was the best grumpy cat anyone could have asked for! A single lick or pat from her was worth a hundred from any other cat, and I will miss the rush of attempting to sneak some affection from her. She had such a loud personality and she will most assuredly never be forgotten, especially since I have so many “momentos” from her still on my hands and arms! She was the best kitty and greatly appreciate alone time, which we always made sure to give her. She was so loved, even if from afar. Rest In Peace Lu, love Kels <3

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