Animal Hospice means:
“I will be there for you when the time comes, and I will dance with you until the end of the song.”


Our goal is to help your pet maintain a pain-free and happy quality of life for as long as possible while supporting you through this difficult time.


Could my pet benefit from a hospice treatment plan?

If your pet fits into any of these categories, the answer is yes!

  1. You have made a decision not to pursue treatment to cure your pet’s condition.
  2. Your pet has been diagnosed with a terminal illness such as kidney failure.
  3. Your pet suffers from a chronic illness such as arthritis that interferes with its normal routine.
  4. Treatment to cure your pet’s illness has failed.
  5. Your pet requires long-term intensive care.
  6. Your pet has a progressive illness or trauma that has caused health complications.

What can I expect when I meet with the hospice team to discuss my pet’s care?

  1. First we will evaluate your needs, beliefs, and goals in respect to your pet’s treatment.  We want to tailor a diagnostic and treatment plan to suit your individual situation.  The plan may be very simple or quite elaborate depending on your pet’s condition and your desire and ability to treat you pet.
  2. We will teach you about your pet’s specific disease, what to expect at the time of death, and how the euthanasia process works.
  3. Development of a personalized plan for your pet based on your individual case.  Since most hospice care is done at home, we will teach you what to watch for and how to care for your pet.
  4. We will help you implement that palliative care plan at home.  Follow-ups can be done either with your regular veterinarian or with our hospice care team (either in the clinic or through telephone consultations).  A small fee may be charged for telephone consults.
  5. Emotional support during the care process and after the passing of your pet.

Is hospice care expensive?

The cost will depend on your pet’s individual condition.  In some cases there are many inexpensive changes that can be made at home to improve your pet’s quality of life.  We work very hard to present you with all the options available so you can make an educated decision about how much money you are willing to spend on your pet’s treatment.

Please contact the office to set up an initial appointment today with our hospice team!