Optimal health is much more than freedom from disease. It is a state of vitality; mentally, emotionally and physically. At Lakewood Animal Hospital, we believe that the best healthcare emphasizes preventing illness and supporting health, as opposed to simply treating diseases.

One of the hallmarks to a successful wellness program is a regular (annual to biannual) wellness consultation/assessment. During your pet’s annual wellness consult, we will review all aspects of your pet’s health, including behavior issues, optimal nutritional support, exercise recommendations, dental care strategies, and laboratory assessments as indicated.

In addition to a physical examination, an individualized risk assessment of your pet’s environment is performed – where you live, emerging diseases in your community, your pet’s interaction with other pets and wildlife, travel plans, and other lifestyle considerations. With this assessment, we can determine a proper prevention program, including a vaccination or titre testing schedule tailored for your pet.

Monitoring your pet’s health regularly also enhances our ability to detect minor changes before they become more serious and plan treatment accordingly. Our doctors offer holistic treatments in addition to conventional services – including spinal manipulation/chiropractic, rehabilitation services, acupuncture, and homeopathy. Therefore, multiple options for treatment strategies are considered, depending on the illness.