Interested in a career in veterinary medicine?

Keep reading to find out if you meet our volunteer requirements.

Volunteering at Lakewood

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering gives you an insight to behind the scenes of a veterinary clinic and what it means to work in veterinary medicine.

Criteria for applicants.
  1. Must be a minimum of 16 years old *** With a signed consent form submitted by your legal guardian.
  2. Applicants needing volunteer hours for Registered Veterinary Technologist (RVT) and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) programs.
  3. Summer students. Must be currently enrolled in a Veterinary Medicine program.

Time – Maximum 60 hours – Due to the number of volunteers wanting to job shadow, we allow a maximum of 60 hours per volunteer.

Privacy – Volunteers will not be allowed in appointments due to client privacy concerns.

Safety – Volunteers will not be allowed to handle any pets due to safety concerns.

Surgery – If you wish to observe surgery. Surgeries occur Monday to Friday in the morning and early afternoon.

What you would see

Shadowing the different roles of the hospital to learn the ins & outs of the operation.
***There are detailed descriptions of the different support staff roles in the clinic at the bottom of this page.***

Veterinary Hospital Staff

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, DVM
Registered Veterinary Technician, RVT
Exam Room Assistant
Kennel Assistant
How to Apply
  1. Email Dr. Emily Horan at [email protected] Attach a cover letter that explains your intended or current veterinary career path. (Please include the days and hours that you are available.)
  2. Click the link below and fill out volunteer form. (Please be sure to choose the appropriate form age, either adult or minor)
Volunteer Application Form - Adult
Volunteer Application Form - Minor Age 16 to 19


Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVTs)

Assists DVM with medical exams as needed; involves but is not limited to fear-free restraint to assist with procedures including intubation, blood draws, and running lab tests.
Operate radiographic equipment to obtain and process diagnostic radiographs.
Perform specific emergency lifesaving procedures.
Administer various medications; injections and oral.
Apply or change bandages, splint, or cast.
Providing optimum animal husbandry, restraint, and handling.
Animal behaviour and welfare and extensive anatomy and physiology.
Sanitation, sterilization and disinfection controls and procedures, including best practices surrounding biosecurity to ensure the prevention and control of zoonotic diseases.
Pharmacy & Lab
Administration and dispensation of medications and treatments as prescribed by the attending DVM.
Diagnostic laboratory tests (hematology, clinical chemistry, cytology, and urinalysis).
Surgery Duties
Assists DVM with surgical preparation and assistance.
Anesthetic delivery and monitoring.
Dental Treatment
In depth knowledge of dental structures, conditions, lesions, causes and stages of diseases
Anesthetic delivery and monitoring.
Assessing and cleaning teeth.
Client Communications & Customer Service
Public education.
Communicate information to clients, including delivering post-operative instructions in a competent and friendly manner.
Relay information about nutrition management.



Client Communications, Client Flow & Customer Service.
Answer Phones to direct client calls, triage patients, client education and client call backs.
Identify and work patiently and compassionately with clients in various emotional states; happy, distressed, frustrated, or disgruntled clients.
Check in and discharge patients.
Process payment transactions.
Food, product and prescription sales.
Medical Record Keeping, Scheduling & Administrative Tasks
Scheduling appointments; booking exam appointments and procedure appointments.
Managing record requests between other hospitals and specialty practices.
Maintain proper documentation in the electronic medical record.

Exam Room Assistant

Client Communications, Client Flow & Customer Service
Greeting and putting clients into rooms.
Gathering medications and food, and taking patients payments in exam room.
Booking future appointments.
Checking client and patient information management.
Check in and Discharge patients.
Process payment transactions in exam rooms.
Maintain Exam Rooms, Cleaning & Sanitation
Room Sanitation in between appointments.
Stocking exam rooms.
Assist Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
Maintain proper documentation in the electronic medical record during appointment on behalf of assigned DVM.
Fear free restraint of patients.
Communicating with RVT and Kennel Assistants for testing and treatments on behalf of their assigned DVM.
Creating estimates for the doctors and booking follow up appointments.
Filling prescriptions under direct supervision of a DVM and RVT

Kennel Assistants

Cleaning & Sanitation
Cleaning & sanitation of hospital.
Perform daily cleaning of kennels, cages and public areas, following proper disease control protocol to ensure a sterile clinic environment.
Clean surgical laundry.
Clean surgical instruments and prepare surgical packs.
Clean, fold, and stock kennel laundry throughout the clinic
Aiding in dental/surgical preparation (instrument sterilization + surgery suite cleanliness).
Stock all kennel/cleaning supplies as needed.
Shelve food , treats and supplements.
Replenishing medical supplies in all areas of the hospital as needed.
Assisting DVMs and RVTs with medical procedures and treatments such as radiographs, blood collections, vaccinations, etc.
Fear free restraint of patients.
Routine care of hospitalized patients (feeding, walking, occasional grooming).

Client Communications & Customer Service
Communicate information to clients, including delivering post-operative instructions in a competent and friendly manner.

Kennel Assistant continued: Surgical Duties ( Assist RVT/DVM )

Assist with patient preparation for surgery, observing all clinic procedures, to enforce sterility and safety of patients.
General duties in the operating room during surgery and dental surgery. Organize and maintain pre-operative area and operating room for patient anesthesia.
Movement of patients, recovery of patients, and general flow of the treatment room/area.
Assist RVT/DVM with monitoring anesthesia with a clear idea of abnormal conditions.
Able to respond appropriately during an emergency, able to take directions from a DVM and/or RVT, and maintain competency in CPR procedures.
Ensure anesthetic machines, pulse oximeters, scales, and other equipment are functional.

Absolutely amazing staff. Kind and compassionate.


I take all of my animals (cats and dogs) here and we’ve always had an incredible experience! They are a very knowledgeable team and we never wait long! Would highly recommend to anyone needing pet care!


100% recommend Lakewood. Big friendly staff, very caring and knowledgeable. We've had a few pet misadventures and they always check in to see how our fur-babies are doing, if we have questions about the treatments. The in-clinic care is excellent and their follow-up care is above and beyond.