July 16th, 2004 – January 25th, 2021

In loving Memorial:

Mango my Love

You gave me 16.5 years of unconditional love and pure joy. You were my most fierce protector and I yours. You were strong with a spicy attitude towards others in your youthful years, and so affectionate with your Momma. There is a hole in my heart since you left. A pain so deep I feel as though I can’t go on. We were each other’s everything. Saying I miss you is an understatement. Eating yogi, green olives, pineapple and fish won’t be the same without you. 

Our bond will never be broken. I carry your heart. I carry it in my heart. 

We met, it seems, such a short time ago

You looked at me, needing me so

Yet from my sadness

Our happiness grew

And I found out I needed you too

I remember how we used to play

I recall those rainy days

The fire’s glow

That kept us warm

And now I find, we’re both alone

Goodbye may seem forever

Farewell is like the end

But in my heart are memories

And there you’ll always be



  • Ashley says:

    Mango-pie you will always hold a special place in my heart. I feel as though we grew up together. Visiting Tash isnt the same without some Mango cuddles.

  • Gloria Knowles says:

    He was most definitely fierce with a love so tender for his momma. I remember well playing catch, yes catch with Mango Banks.
    Never will you be forgotten but everyday you will be missed 😢 enjoy the basking in the sun and the coolness of the grass. Love you forever and always!

  • Dara Miazyk says:

    Will miss you dearly Mango 🥭 Tango. You will be loved and missed forever.

  • Alysha Knowles says:

    Awe Mango Baby, missed by everyone . He touched so many lives he encountered. Little King, treated like a King as well. He sure was one special kitty, and will forever be in our hearts.

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