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Insurance & Financing


Is it right for you?

In today’s world 58% of Canadians own a pet, and with pet ownership comes veterinary bills in addition to everyday costs such as food, grooming, training, etc. Unfortunately we know in our pets’ lifetime they will deal with minor medical issues, and potentially major medical issues. Insurance for your pet helps manage the cost of veterinary care in the case of unexpected illness or injury. Having a safety net to provide care for your pet in the time of need benefits everybody: your pet receives the best possible care, you will not worry about the cost of care, and your veterinary team will be able to offer high quality diagnostics and treatment.

Things to consider

There are many options available for pet insurance. It is important before choosing a plan you understand what is covered, how much the monthly plan costs, what is your deductible, how you will be paid, if premiums increase with age or submitted claims, and if there are coverage restrictions.

Research Questions: What is covered?

  • How much does the monthly plan cost?
  • What is your deductible?
  • How will you will be paid?
  • Do the premiums increase with age or increase with submitted claims?
  • Are there coverage restrictions?

At Lakewood Animal Hospital we do not promote one insurance company over another. That being said, we have chosen to support free trials for Trupanion and Pet Secure. Here is a summary of what each has to offer.

  • 30 day no obligation free trial
  • trial must be activated within 24 hours of appointment or surgery
  • anything found at initial appointment is considered pre-existing
  • the trial is available for any pet under 14 years of age
  • there is no deductible to the client for claims during the trial period
  • there is no limit on coverage/pay out during the trial period
  • immediate coverage, no waiting period
  • Trupanion will contact you near the end of the trial inquiring about continuing coverage
  • 6 week no obligation trial
  • trial does not need to be activated within a short window
  • coverage up to $5000 with a $100 deductible per condition
  • the trial is available to cats/dogs 8 weeks to 4 years of age with an exam
  • waiting period reduced to 48 hours from the exam date
  • Pet secure will contact you near the end of the trial inquiring about continuing coverage



Many of the highest pet-related costs are associated with veterinary care for unexpected medical conditions or accidents.  Do you need financial assistance?