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Paige lived in Vancouver before moving to Regina at the age of 10.  Even after many years on the prairies, she still thinks of the West Coast as home and goes back to visit friends as often as she can.  Paige has loved animals her entire life and has yet to meet one she did not like.  Over the years she has shared her home with hedgehogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, leopard geckos and hamsters just to name a few.

Paige likes to combine her love of animals with her other passion, travelling.  Over the years, she has volunteered in various countries around the world.  In 2011, she spent a month helping out at a farm sanctuary in Southern California where she also ended up adopting one of her three dogs.  In 2012, Paige had a dream come true when she got to spend 2 weeks volunteering with abused and orphaned elephants in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  She hopes her next adventures will take her to Borneo, where she would like to volunteer at an orangutan orphanage.

Although about to finish a bachelor of science in geography, Paige still wants to explore the world of animal medicine, so when a position became available at L.A.H. she knew she had to jump on it.  She loves all the wonderful animals she gets to meet and learning new things every day.