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Cori, CTMT

Cori has worked in the animal industry for approximately 16 years.  She was the receptionist at another veterinary clinic for 10 years prior to joining us at Lakewood Animal Hospital.  She has 3 dogs, two Shelties, “Wicca” and “Spell, and an Australian Shepherd, “Raven”, as well as 2 cats, “Trix” and “Willow”.  Cori spends most of her free time with her dogs training for agility trials.  She loves Agility training and has attended numerous seminars as far away as B.C.  She trains with her dogs 2-3 times a week and competes in weekend trials around the province.  Raven has competed in agility nationals twice and has qualified to go 4 times!  The last few years she has had an increasing interest in rehabilitation therapy and is excited to be working with Dr. Hudye in our rehab department! Cori became certified in Relaxation Massage in August 2016 and will be continuing her education to also become certified in other massage techniques.