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Spinal Manipulation

Dr. Don Powers B. Ed., D.V.M.

What Is Spinal Manipulation?

The easiest way to explain how spinal manipulation works is to compare it to going to your own chiropractor. Spinal manipulation is similar to working with a small child or infant. Soft manipulations are used in order to realign the bony vertebrae in the neck and back that may be displaced due to postural problems, trauma, genetic and/or developmental abnormalities, aging or degeneration, and infection.

Realigning the vertebrae helps to restore the proper function of nerves, muscles, ligaments, and circulation. This will help your pet to be less painful, improve his/her mobility, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Chiropractic treatment is a holistic approach concerned with the preservation and restoration of health that emphasizes an individual’s ability to heal oneself rather than considering surgical intervention. Chiropractic treatment acknowledges the interrelationship between lifestyle, the environment, and how they relate to health. It understands the relationship between the nervous system and how the body functions and tries to eliminate the illness rather than just treating symptoms. Spinal Manipulation takes a hands-on, patient centered approach, closely monitoring progress with diagnostic procedures.


Initially, an examination of your pet will be done to assess his or her physical and neurological status. Then examination of the vertebrae in the neck and spine will be done to assess mobility or lack of mobility and any soft manipulations will be done at that time. During your visit, through the assessment and discussion further treatments may be recommended.

In some cases, depending on what is found, diagnostic procedures or referrals may be recommended in order to give your pet the best quality care.