Spinal Manipulation

Emily Horan, BSA, DVM, VSMT

Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy (VSMT), also known as animal chiropractic, is a gentle and non-invasive integrative manual therapy that may help with symptoms associated with dysfunction of the musculoskeletal and neurologic systems. An adjustment includes gentle range of motion, soft tissue techniques, traction, joint mobilization, and specific adjustments to restricted joints. This aids in restoration of normal motion and alleviation of pain. VSMT is a great compliment to a well rounded multimodal treatment plan for numerous conditions.

Many animals can benefit from VSMT including:
– animals suffering from arthritis or spondylosis
– animals with orthopedic conditions (hip, elbow etc)
– canine athletes
– animals with TMJ pain, or animals after long dental/surgical procedures
– healthy animals to support normal mobility and overall wellness


Requirements to book Spinal Manipulation

Veterinarian consult with Dr. Horan and/or referral by another DVM is required.
Dr. Horan strongly recommends spinal radiographs for any animals experiencing IVDD/spinal pain. Animals with IVDD or similar will not be spinally adjusted, but compensatory restrictions/pain can be worked on.