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Underwater Treadmill

Due to the numerous benefits of gait retraining, low impact and resistance strengthening of the water, all dogs undergoing physical rehabilitation utilize the treadmill (unless deemed contraindicated by our therapist).  Although it may seem easy to “walk in the water”, we apply specific knowledge and training of depth, speed, turbulence and additional resistance to each and every case, every time.  Our goal is to provide the safest yet most effective therapy in all rehabilitation and fitness cases.



What is hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy uses the buoyancy, resistance, pressure, and the viscosity of water to improve physiological functioning.  It also provides cardiovascular conditioning and physical rehabilitation.

Do I need to be referred through a veterinarian?

No, feel free to call 306-545-6487 and book an appointment to use our underwater treadmill.  On your pet’s first visit, Dr. Hudye will do an initial intake assessment and make a specific rehab plan for your pet’s needs.  Any subsequent visits will be done by Dr. Hudye’s rehabilitation assistants unless there are medical issues.

How does the water provide rehabilitation?

  • Buoyancy lessens the weight placed on animal’s limbs, reducing pain.
  • Hydrostatic pressure reduces inflammation and increases circulation.
  • Through adjusting the depth of the water, resistance and buoyancy levels will target different muscle groups and specific injuries.
  • Warm water temperature provides additional comfort and pain relief.
  • Muscle conditioning in the water is an effective way to build up cardiovascular strength and endurance.

What conditions can be treated through hydrotherapy?

  • Arthritis
  • Muscle stiffness and atrophy (muscle loss)
  • Spinal injuries
  • Loss of range of motion
  • Paralysis
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Weight problems