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May 04 2017

Cat Friendly Practice

We are pawsitively thrilled to announce that as of right meow, Lakewood Animal Hospital is a certified Cat Friendly Practice – the first Cat Friendly Practice in Southern Saskatchewan! We have worked hard as a clinic to qualify for this designation through extra staff education on cat handling and care.

In addition, we’ve made some changes to our check-in process for cats by using the Cat Concierge service – you can now phone the clinic from your vehicle when you arrive for your appointment, and once an exam room is ready a staff member will usher you and your cat directly into the room and away from the noise and commotion that can occur in the waiting area.

All of our staff members have worked hard on this over the past few months, but Dr. Walker deserves an extra shout-out as it was her initiative and dedication to the application process that helped us achieve our goal. She also recently travelled to the American Association of Feline Practitioners conference in Washington, DC in order to bring back more great ideas on how we can continue to improve the veterinary clinic experience for our feline patients.

For some additional information on how a Cat Friendly Practice can benefit your cat, check out this great series of short videos:…/online/videos/cat-owner-video

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